“The Pipeline”–What’s Coming from Wick Press…Summer/Winter 2019 – Winter 2020

Some Updates on Upcoming Projects

We wanted to keep you informed and interested in what we are doing here at Wick Press. We are working on a handful of new projects, here at Wick Press, some of which will see publication in Summer/Winter 2019 and into Halloween 2020!

These books are going to be very, very cool.

Publishing Calendar for Q3 2019-Q4 2020, ff

  • December 2019: The Greatest Ghost Stories Ever Told, Volume 1: Forgotten Stories from Elizabethan & Victorian Periodicals, Edited by Sanguine Woods, Deckers, Colorado
  • Summer, 2019: The Occult Detective: Origins & Monsters, Compiled & Edited by Max Black, Terra Noche, New Mexico
  • Halloween 2020: The Greatest Ghost Stories Ever Told, Volume 2: The Ghost Story Meets the 20th Century, Edited by Sanguine Woods, Deckers, Colorado
  • 2020-2021: The Complete & Annotated Works of Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu, compiled and edited by The Montana Brothers (Wick & Sterling Montana), Tampa, Florida

As a small grass-roots indie publisher, we work hard to avoid the corporate “publishing machine” that robotically serves the “bottom line” and not much more. We want good books, just like you do, reader; well-designed, beautiful, high-quality products–and also affordable–yes, these are challenges. Moreover, we work on a budget and we rely mostly on word-of-mouth–we have the time and the patience to support our heartfelt belief that the quality of our vision–manifest through our products themselves–will speak for itself.

We are grateful for our writers, editors, designers, artists, and most of all, our readers, and fans; as well as our business supporters and partners—you know who you are…a hi-five 👋 for believing in us, and our vision for a new kind of excellence in the digital book reading experience!

William “Wick” Montana, Publisher
Wick PressSM
Winter 2018
Denver, Colorado


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