Ghosts & Christmas—in Case You’ve Ever Wondered…

How to Read a Victorian Christmas Ghost Story Imagine a midwinter night, an early sunset, a long, drafty evening spent by candlelight. The season of Christmas coincides with the shortest days of the year and, for middle-class Victorians, a chance for families to reconnect in story-telling circles. Urban dwellers, disconnected from village legends, simply picked [...]


Necromancy in the Colosseum by a Priest? Uh…How Well Do We Really Know Our History—?

DO WE REALLY KNOW OUR HISTORY? Back in the late 1500s, famed Renaissance master, Benvenuto Cellini (David in bronze) documented two episodes in which a Sicilian priest conducted necromancey rituals within hand-drawn circles on the floor within the Coliseum. Who knew? Click here to read Cellini's autobiography in the Public Domain at the University of [...]

The Master’s Shadows: M. R. James, Master of the Ghost Story, Left a Legacy That Haunts Us Still Today…

"Dr. [Montague Rhodes] James has become by slow degrees a literary weird fictionist of the very first rank. [He]...has developed a distinctive style and method likely to serve as models for an enduring line of disciples."  - H.P. Lovecraft, Supernatural Horror in Literature, 1927 'Imitation might be the sincerest form of flattery, but to my mind it is [...]

The Greatest Ghost Stories Ever Told in Two Volumes (ed. Sanguine Woods), 2017 & 2018

News Release Wick Press(sm) Denver, Colorado May 3, 2017 In April 2017, Wick Press acquired the rights to publish a two-volume anthology of rare ghost stories originally published in 1700s and 1800s periodicals. Volume I of The Greatest Ghost Stories Ever Told will arrive in time for the Ghost Story for Christmas tradition practiced by [...]